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Why Always phone database is replacing Always Be Closing

The phrase always be closing, which had been established as a kind of motivational phrase when it comes to selling, is starting to disappear. Well now, the phrase that is on everyone's lips is always be helping, a kinder and more friendly phrase that goes according to the way of understanding business today, giving importance to customers, with the idea of ​​helping and not just to receive money from them. The change of the phrase must be within the digital strategy of a company.What is the difference between these two sentences and , for what you use in your digital strategy always phone database the.When it comes to always be closing, it is to guide the minds of the sellers so that they are with the sole idea of ​​selling. What is expected is that the seller seeks a communication to lead the customer to the purchase, always oriented to new launches, prospects and following the phone database.

But this digital strategy has its setbacks, from the outset, it is clear that customers are seen as mere objects, a procedure to carry out the sale. This, of course, is captured by people, since the method of always being closed can be invasive or aggressive, instead of paying attention to building a strong and trustworthy relationship with the client. Yes, sales happen, but relationships are not created.For its part, always phone database is not focused on making sales, but on helping customers. This creates a very different way of communication, since the center is the customer and the seller must pay attention to knowing what their wishes and needs are.In this sense, if the seller sees that what he is offering to the customer will be useful or will serve him, only then will he continue with the sales dynamics. This is the new digital strategy in the sales process.

The importance of always phone database is to think about creating a relationship with the customer, instead of just seeing him as someone who can bring you money. It is a simple change, but at the same time drastic: what can the salesperson do for the customer, this is the thought that moves, always to phone database.The importance of banishing the always be closing.Today, customers are not dependent on salespeople for information about what they are interested in buying. Now this information can be taken from the internet, this leads them to have greater selectivity when buying, in addition, they no longer have a passive role within the relationship with your brand.That is why, when thinking about your digital strategy , you should consider introducing the always phone database, where each communication you have with your clients is designed to help and satisfy their needs and problems.Finally, it is important to emphasize that it is not about putting aside your interests, when you are building your digital strategy , and thinking only about your clients; it is about thinking about both, as it is possible. That is, create a win-win relationship.